What Is a Relevant Chat and A Chat Lead?

Juvo Leads has 2 types of Chats.

  1.  Relevant Chats (and conversely an Irrelevant Chat)
  2.  Chat Leads

1. A relevant chat is any new client, existing client, or business associate conveying INTENT to ascertain information in the chat.

More specifically here is how we determine if the that chat was relevant:

  • Any chat where collect a name and phone number or email address and;
  • If we determine the chat NOT any of the following
    • Sales (trying to sell you something)
    • Spam
    • Wrong Chat
    • Harassment (Think 8th Graders Having Fun)
    • Sexual Harassment (Some/Many agents have female images)
    • Incomplete
    • “Test” chats
  • Intent is determined based on if the chatter was seeking to obtain information through chat.
  • Exceptions– current clients/patients/customers where our chat agents can provide a single scripted response to contact the business.


For Example – this is a Relevant chat but falls within the “Current Client” exception and would not be considered a “Relevant Chat”.

Chatter – “Hi Amy – I’m a current client for XXX company.  I have a question about my bill.  Can you help me?”

Chat Agent – (Scripted Response) “I’m sorry I can’t help with those types of questions your best bet is to call the business directly, here’ the number: XXX-XXX-XXXX.”


Here is another example of a chat that is from a potential lead but that is not relevant because they DO NOT demonstrate the requisite “intent”:

Chatter – “How are you today?”

Chat Agent – “I’m great – thanks for asking.  May I have your name please?”

Chatter – “Sure I’m Becca”

Chat Agent – “Thanks Becca – how can I help you today?”

Chatter – “I’m just reading information on your site.  Thanks”

Chat Agent – “Sounds good – if you’d like further assistance I’ll be here.”


2.  A Chat Lead

When the license owner provides 2-3 qualification questions above and beyond asking for name, phone or email and we capture all of that information and pass it along to license holder.