Setting Up Offline Conversion Tracking For Google Ads

  1. Connect Google Ads to Google Analytics Account.
    1.  Make sure the same email address that has “Add User” rights is the same for both G.Ads and G.Analytics.
    2.  Login into Analytics and go to “Admin” (bottom left gear icon).  In the “Property” (middle) column click ” Google Ads Linking.  Select the Correct Google Ads Account.
  2. Make a copy of this file HERE so that it’s saved your drive name it based on the particular client (eg ClientAofflineconversions)  You’ll need it in a future step.
  3. Login to Google Ads then “Tools and Settings”->”Conversions”->”Schedules”. Click the Blue Plus Button then you’ll see a drop down “Select Source”  choose Google Sheets.
  4. Click “My Drive” and select the file you created from step 2.
  5. Set a Frequency (Every 24 Hours) and time ([2:00] AM). Google will give you a new email address that you’ll need to share the above file with.


6. Then go back to that file you created and share it with the generated email above AS WELL AS “” & “”.

7.  Now email a link to that sheet to as well as the name of the account in Juvo Leads.  From here our team will connect this sheet to your Juvo Leads account so that every time a lead is marked as a signed client the spreadsheet will be updated with data for google ads.

8. Go back to Google Ads -> “Tools & Settings” -> “Conversions” and from the “Conversion Actions” screen click the blue plus button and click “Import” -> “Other Data Sources” -> “Track Conversion from Clicks”.

9.  Conversion Name  “Signed Client”.  Then under “Value” select “Use Different Value for each Conversion” and enter a default value for your clients.  Make it the average signed client/deal value for your client.  Count = Every (although it’s 100% up you to you here).  Attribution – “First Click” then click Done.

10. Last thing we need to make sure is enabled is back under “Account Settings” make sure “Auto-Tagging” is enabled.

11.  Boom you’re done.   Now go back to Juvo Leads and mark clients as signed and add “Estimated Revenue” and this will automatically update your spreadsheet which will then be automatically uploaded to Google Ads every night at 2am.

A few things to note.

  1.  Google Ads gives you a 90 day window to mark old leads that convert.  So if the conversion happens 90 days past the day the lead comes we can’t pass it back to google ads.
  2. There may be errors when you check the next day after it’s all set up.  Often these go away on their own.  If errors persist please contact your account manager at Juvo Leads.
  3.  Google Ads will reupload the same conversion repetedly (daily) – that’s 100% fine.  They only record each one ONCE as a conversion so no need to go in an remove previous conversions from the spreadsheet.
  4. We estimate that 2-3% of lead based marketers are doing this manually – so congrats on getting this automated for your clients!