Setting up Google Analytics and Google Ads Integration With Juvo Leads

Quick summary for those familiar AdWords or Analytics with detailed instructions below.  Create 3 “Event” goals in Analytics “Chat_Lead” “Phone_Lead”,  “Form_Lead” & “SMS_Lead” . Set each “Category” as equals “XXX_Lead” whereby XXX = Chat, Phone, Form and SMS.  For each set the Action “Equal to” then the word “Qualified”. Then from Adwords import your analytics goals and now you have goal and conversion tracking set up (mostly). 

To see Chats, Phone Calls, and Form data passed along to Google AdWords and Analytics we first need to set up goals in Google Analytics.

  1. Go to Google analytics Admin and select Goals

2.  Next under “Goal Setup” select “custom” then “Continue”.

3.  “Goal Description” and entitle it: “Chat_Lead” and click “event”.  Then press Continue.

4.  Next select “Category” and set it to “Equal to”and enter “Chat_Lead” and Action Equal “Qualified”.

Then click “Save”.

Next is phone tracking goal conversion

  1.  “Goal Setup” select “custom” then “Continue”. Click “New Goal” and name it “Phone_Lead” while selecting “event”.

6.  Click “Continue” then under “Category” set it to “Phone_Lead” and Action Equal “Qualified”.

Then click “Save”.

  1.  Last up is Form Submissions – Call “Form_Lead”.

8.  Click Continue and under category enter “Form_Lead” and Action Equal “Qualified”.

9.  If you want to track SMS leads do the exact some thing but use “SMS_Lead”.


10. Click Continue and under category enter “SMS_Lead” and Action Equal “Qualified”.


11.  Great – we’ve now done  Phone, Form, Chat, and SMS.


12. Now go to Property Settings, and then “Advanced Setting” and make sure the there is check mark next to: Allow manual tagging (UTM values) to override auto-tagging (GCLID values) for Google Ads and Search Ads 360 integration.


13. Next.  From your “All Goals Screen”.  You’ll want to ensure all the other goals are turned off.

14. Now back in “Admin” setting go to “property” “Adwords Linking”.  If you’re using the same account for AdWords and Analytics you’ll set your AdWord listed.  If not you’ll need to go to AdWords “settings” “Linked Accounts” and invite the email associated with the Analytics account.  Assuming that’s done or already connect you’ll just need to select the correct account.

15. Then name the “Link Group Title” and turn on “All Web Site Data”.  Finally click “Share my…” checkbox and then click “Link Accounts”.

16. Log back into AdWords – Tools – “Conversions” then on the left select “Google Analytics”.  You should now see your “Goals” listed. Click the three we just created – then click “Import”.

17. Next select the options that fit your need best.  We recommend. Category: Lead, Value: $100 each time it happens, Conversion Window: 90 Days, Count: Every Conversion, Include in “Conversion”: Yes, Attribution model: Use “Last Click” model.

18. The click “Import Goals”.

19.  For Google Ads Campaigns the final step is to enable Auto-Tagging.  This is essential for Google Ads IF you are not using UTM tags.  Without Auto-tagging or UTM tags our system will not be able to distinguish Google organic Traffic from Google Ads traffic.

Congratulations – you’re done!  When new chats lead, phone leads, and form leads come in this will be reflect in Google Analytics and leads from AdWords will be marked as Conversion in AdWords as well.  The details of the lead won’t be pass along of course but the “event” will. Full lead information can be found in your Juvo Leads Dashboard.