About Janet Falk: Janet Falk brings over three decades of seasoned expertise in communications, serving as Chief Strategist at Falk Communications and Research. Specializing in Media Relations and Marketing Communications, she empowers attorneys at small law firms to attract new clients, maintain client relationships, and strategically pressure opposing counsel through impactful news stories. With a background spanning in-house roles, consulting, and agency work, Janet’s track record includes securing front-page features and interviews in top-tier publications, and driving substantial business growth for her clients.

In this episode, Ted and Janet Falk discuss:

  • Building credibility, media exposure, and growth
  • Crafting effective PR strategies for attorneys
  • The impact of timely press releases in high-profile cases
  • Protecting clients amid media scrutiny

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective media strategy can significantly impact legal outcomes, as seen in cases where proactive PR efforts not only generated buzz but also influenced swift settlement talks.
  • Understanding the intersection of law and media can be crucial for attorneys and clients alike, highlighting the importance of strategic communication in legal proceedings for favorable outcomes and reputation management.
  • When networking, focus on adding value to others by sharing relevant information and following up strategically to build meaningful relationships that go beyond initial interactions.
  • Utilize strategic networking opportunities like industry conferences and bar associations to stay updated, reconnect with contacts, and build new relationships, emphasizing the importance of planning in advance for meaningful interactions and follow-ups. 

“The truth is it’s good if you know a reporter, but if you don’t have a story, that’s not going to help you. If you don’t know the reporter and you do have a story, then they will be interested in hearing from you.” — Janet Falk


Connect with Janet Falk: 

Website: https://janetlfalk.com/

Email: janet@janetlfalk.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janetlfalk/

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