Juvo Leads Onboarding Instructions

Welcome to Juvo Leads!  This is short guide on how to get started with Juvo Leads.   Please use this guide to get fully set up.

  1.  Add a Website
  2.  Install Code
  3.  Adjust your settings
  4.  Juvo leads Team Will be notified automatically once settings are updated.
  5.  Once these settings are updated your Juvo Leads Account Manager will:
    1. Create Chat Scripts based on information on the website (if chat is selected)
    2.  Send over an email notifying you that chat scripts have been created and that they are ready for review
    3. Check to confirm call tracking and form tracking are working properly.
  6. Once chats scripts have been reviewed by you our someone on your team please notify your account manger via email.
    1. Your Account Manager will then add your chat scripts to the system &
    2. Turn on Juvo Leads.
  1. Agency – Add Website

When logged into your agency account click “Add Website” in bottom left corner and pop-up will appear.  Please enter the firm or businesses name, url, and main phone number.  Under lead notifications please enter any MOBILE numbers that would want to receive an SMS Alert when a lead comes in as well as any email addresses that would want to be sent and email notification when a new lead comes in.  Then hit save.

2.  Install Code – Next you will be presented with a custom piece of code that you need to enter on your website.  We call this code your “Tag”.   Please Copy and paste the code below into your site footer. Place just above the closing tag.   You can use Google Tag manager if you’d like and if you’re using WordPress please use these instructions.

  1. Go to: Appearance > Editor
  2. On the right hand side of the page click Footer (footer.php)
  3. Scroll to bottom and paste the Juvo code just above  text
  4. Click Update File to save your changes

3.  Adjust your settings

Your account will remain inactive until your account manager at Juvo Leads reviews your settings and creates chat scripts for your review (if you’re using chat).  Even if you’re not using Chat we need to do our technical checks once that tag has been installed to assure the form tracking and phone tracking are working properly.

***Important*** Always click “Save Your Changes” after making any changes.

4.  Your Juvo Leads Account Manager will then

A.  Create chat scripts and send you a link to the sheet to review.

B.  Run technical checks to ensure call tracking and form tracking are working properly.

5.  Review your chat scripts if chat is selected.  Then notify your account manager that chat scripts have been reviewed.

6.  Your account manager will then add those scripts to your account and turn on Juvo Leads!