Smart Compose was just released moments ago by Google.

We were hesitant to use it at first but it’s amazingly smart… Probably why the name…

Here’s how it works.

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Digital marketing is first and foremost a numbers game and the most important numbers for most websites is “Leads”. Clicks, Impressions, Likes, and other metrics are great to know, but they only help explain the most important digital marketing metric – new leads.  This presentation is given quarterly to  Harvard business leaders to help them understand what it takes to run an effective marketing campaign and know what questions to ask their in house or contracted marketing team.

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Updated 8/26/2018

Article Summary:

If you read this article and follow the step outlined you’ll know your COST PER LEAD and COST PER CLIENT.  These two numbers are the most important number every firms needs to know and is the difference between blindly throwing darts on the wall and running a large scale growing law practice.  Here’s the secret you marketing agency does now want to you know:  If you don’t know how much  you paid to earn a lead and a client in each marketing channel (Google Ads, SEO, Facebook, Email Marketing, Avvo Profile, Radio, Etc) you can’t manage it.  The truth is most small firms don’t know this and your marketing agency doesn’t want to tell you, because once you know know and track your firms cost per and cost per client your marketing agency will be held to a higher standard of accountability.

Knowing your firms cost per client and cost per lead means you can MEASURE and TRACK the overall effectiveness of your marketing and marketing agency.  BAD AGENCIES FEAR THIS.

Read and follow this article for a completely free way to calculate your cost per lead.  You DO NOT NEED Juvo Leads to do this!  Juvo Leads does calculate this for law firms automatically and is part of our platform.  But it’s an easy calculation and 100% necessary to grow a law firm.  If you need help we’ll even walk you through calculating your cost per lead WITHOUT USING JUVO LEADS.  For helping calculating your firm’s Cost Per Client just start chatting with us or send us a message.  Simple, right?

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Do you know how much your clients cost?

We’re not talking about referrals or word of mouth clients.  We’re talking strictly about “stranger clients” – the people who you don’t know and who weren’t referred to you but contact you through your website.

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