Harvard Professional Development Presentation – Digital Marketing for Business Leaders

Here is one of our Juvo Leads Co-Founders Presentation to the Harvard PDP class on digital marketing.  This will eventually but updated with audio and a probably a transcription below.

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Do Chat Pop-Ups Hurt A Law Firm’s SEO?

Updated 4/18/2018

Google recently released an update that affected both mobile and desktop search results.  This update addressed a feature that some of our competitor love – chat pop-ups (which they’re calling “Interstitial’s”).  Google said that any website that used big blocky pop-ups that took over the screen would have lower search with a particular emphasis on mobile search.

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11 Ways to Improve Your AdWords Conversion Rates

  1. Track Everything

You need to know what Campaigns, Adgroups and Ads are getting you clicks, and more importantly what is getting you clients.

Here’s the best tool to track how much a law firm is paying for new clients.

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Law Firm Conversion Series – How to Manage Your Cost Per Client

Updated 4/12/2018

Do you know how much your clients cost?

We’re not talking about referrals or word of mouth clients.  We’re talking strictly about “stranger clients” – the people who you don’t know and who weren’t referred to you but contact you through your website.

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