Manual Entry Form Spam BLOCKER


Ted here from Juvo Leads.  Just wanted to let you know about a new feature that I think you’ll love. 

So if you’re tired of your clients forwarding emails to you that promise “1st Place SEO” or “First 30 Leads are Free” or even False Domain Registration Renewal emails then our new form spam filter is for you.

Our spam filter blocks 95% of form spam on your clients sites – which includes bot spam, but here’s the most important part – we also block manual entry spam that other filters and captchas can’t stop.

The Juvo Leads algorithm identifies key data points about the sender and the message itself to determine if the message is sales or spam related and then if it is sends that form submission to your clients “Deleted Inquires” tab in the dashboard AND DOES NOT I repeat DOES NOT send your client an email notification.

Maybe you’re thinking “Oh cool you “Invented” a new type of Captcha – Great who cares…”  But no, this is different.  Our algorithm blocks 95% of human entry form submissions that a person is actually entering on your clients site (usually just copying and pasting).  That’s the real value and how we save your time and your clients inbox.

To turn that on for your clients – login to your dashboard and go to settings,

Then scroll down to form tracking – click here then scroll to the bottom and click save.

You’ll still be able to see these form entries in your “Deleted Inquires” tab but your client won’t get an email for them.

Hope you like it – if you have any questions, just reply here and let me know.

That’s it for today ta ta for now.