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Juvo Leads will help your agency get more leads for your clients while also strengthening your existing your relationship and increase your retention rate. With our flat pricing structure and white label options you can include these services in your offering and charge on a per use basis.

Benefits for Agencies


More Leads

Expand your offering to include a service that will get your clients more leads with almost no additional work. Instead of outsourcing needed services like chat and call tracking include it in your offering.


More Time

Instead of spending hours setting up 3 or more 3rd party systems – use the same SINGLE systems each time. Monthly reporting dragging you down? Show your clients the data they care about most with the click of a button. How many leads they received and where they came from.


More Transparency

Your clients can have 24 hour access to the data they care about most – their leads.  With an Agency Dashboard you can see all your website lead data in one place.  Try setting that up with your existing agency reporting platform.

Managed Chat

Chat increases leads by up to 120% (But for most well managed sites more like 30-50%). Many visitors are reluctant to call in, but typing with a live person ready to help, on their computer or mobile device is simple, easy, and immediate.

Call Tracking

To know what campaigns, pages, and keywords are generating leads for your clients you need to track their calls. With Juvo Leads Call Tracking you get full dynamic website call tracking, optional call recording, and the ability to purchase additional off site call tracking numbers.

Agency Dashboard

Automatically send your clients lead reports which show how many leads were earned, where they came from and what keyword drove the click. Instead of tieing multiple systems together now have full conversion tracking data with no almost setup.

White Labeling

White label Juvo Leads and brand it with your agency logo and name. You have the option to set your own pricing for chats and calls or set pricing based on minutes used and only charge for chats that capture lead data. The choice is yours.

Why Chat Works

Simple – it results in more leads for your clients.  Let’s take a look at law firms who gave us access to his firms  AdWords account both before he started using Juvo Leads and then after.


We were originally going to wait until the AdWords spend was the same but when we checked in on the number we saw that even with spending $746 LESS our attorney received 15 MORE inquires.   These 15 additional inquiries represents 38% INCREASE while DECREASING Money Spent by 32%.   Before Juvo Leads 13.38% of AdWords clicks resulted in a conversion after 24.34% that’s an inquiry increase of 81%.  


One thing we did honestly fear was inquiry cannibalization meaning we wanted to see how many calls we might lose because we had chat. We are happy to say our fears were unfounded.  Before Juvo Leads 11.37% of AdWords visitors called while after installing Juvo Leads 9.7% of visitors called meaning we lost 1.67%.  We’d obviously rather not lose any but decreasing incoming phone calls by 1.67% is more than made up for by increasing inquiries 13.3% through chat.

We have a lot of numbers.  So do you.  Here are the the only numbers that matter.  Before Juvo Leads about 14% of clicks were lead inquires.  After Juvo Leads more then 24% of AdWords visitors either chatted, submitted a form, or called.



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Juvo Leads Chat in Action

  • Desktop Chat Interface

  • Mobile Chat Interface

Juvo Leads Call Tracking

Call tracking closes the loop and captures the data that your clients and customers care most about – phone calls.  With traditional call tracking services you need a “pool of numbers” for dynamic call tracking – with Juvo Leads you don’t need to worry.  Our service includes “Dynamic Check” where we run nightly audits and assign dedicated call tracking numbers based on each websites historical maximum traffic. 

Dynamic Website Call Tracking

Once Juvo Leads is installed any time a new website visitor arrives your phone number is automatically converted to a call tracking number.
With Juvo Leads you don’t need to worry about how many numbers are in your “pool” your website will have enough dedicated numbers to fully cover your dynamic call tracking needs.

Off Site Numbers

For firms or businesses that need offsite numbers these can be purchased at your convenience through our site.  Both toll free and local numbers are available at market rates.

Call Recording

With Juvo Leads you also have the option to record your calls and access those recording from the dashboard at anytime.

Agency Dashboard

With the Juvo Leads Agency Dashboard you have total control over your clients most important data – their leads.  You have full access to their lead data as well as the option to turn features on and off depending on your clients wishes.  View your lead report summary for all your clients are doing on one screen.

From the Agency Dashboard click any individual client on the left and view their dashboard.

  • Single Client Dashboard Lead Overview

  • Single Client Dashboard “View Details” -> Call Summary.

  • Single Client Dashboard “View Details” -> Chat Summary.

  • (Optional) Client Login From Your Agency Website

4 Ways to Win with Juvo Leads White Label Solutions

When you white label Juvo Leads you increase your positive touch points with your legal clients and keep them happier longer.  Here are just some of the benefits of white labeling:

1.  Lead Notification Emails are sent from an email of your choosing.  So every-time a new lead comes in they see it coming from your email address (or any other you select) in the notification email.

2.  Branded Lead Reports answers the most important questions your clients ask “How many leads did we get and where did they come from?”.

3.  No more 3rd party services interacting (like hosted chat and call tracking) with your clients. You are the Hosted chat and call tracking touchpoint.

4.  (Optional) Expand your offering by re-packaging our below market value costs for both Chat and Call Tracking.

Partner Pricing

When you install Juvo Leads on 5 or more websites  You a get free install for your agencies website and get an Agency Dashboard so you can view all your clients from one central account.

Juvo Lead pricing is based on how many leads your website receives each month.

If you go over plan in any given month you’ll be charged the lesser of – the price for the next plan up or the additional cost of the additional chats or calls on a per chat or call basis. Looking for call tracking only? Contact us for pricing information.

White Label Pricing

With the purchase of 15 or more licenses get Juvo Leads White Labeled for Free (otherwise a $499 one time set up fee) with the following additional benefits:

  • Branded Client Reporting
  • Lead Text Notifications from Agency Phone #
  • Custom Desktop/Mobile Chat Interface with Agency Branding
  • Custom Built Client Reports
  • Lead Email Notification from “”
  • Priority Support

Profit Sharing and Commission Structure

Single License Commission

Single License Pricing


Monthly Commission
  • For each license purchased at agencies recommendation a monthly commission will be issued to agency.
  • License holder pays Juvo Leads
  • Custom Client Login & Account Access
  • Reporting Automation
  • No Agency Dashboard
  • No Agency Pricing
  • No Free Agency License
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Agency Pricing Discount

Integrating Juvo Leads With Your Clients – a few options

Below are a few ways agencies integrate their clients with Juvo Leads, it is not an exhaustive list and each agency may choose to use different integration choices with different clients. The choice is up to each agency.

Bundle Juvo Leads Into Your Existing Offerings:  Clients will love that they don’t need to contact multiple vendors and can rely on your agency for everything from traffic acquisition to new client leads.

Bundled Price Use Case:  Every client agency works with gets a Juvo Leads account. Agency incorporates this price into their proposal and uses Juvo Leads as another way to increase client retention while seeing all their clients lead activity on one dashboard.

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