Summary:  Michael increased conversions by 78% over a 4 month period using Juvo Leads.  First the immediate boost from being able to track which keywords were resulting in form submissions, calls, and chat leads.  Then a quick 32% boost in total leads from using Juvo Leads Live Website Chat.

Michael came to Juvo Leads primarily for a way to show his law firm clients the leads he was earning them from inbound calls.  The legacy call tracking solution that was installed before he took over wasn’t set up right and wasn’t passing along conversion data back into AdWords.  Michael wanted a fresh start.  Juvo Leads was quickly set up and dynamic call tracking with full AdWords conversion tracking was activated so Michael could see what keywords were resulting in calls, and form submissions and what keywords and adgroups were just costing his clients valuable ad spend.

With this new found data Michael was able to get to work and reallocate his clients budget increasing the budget on with some adgroups, and keywords while decreasing it for others resulting in an 24% increase in new leads 1 month after turning on call tracking.

Michael then convinced his client to try out Live Website Chat.  The client was wary of chat and didn’t like the idea of someone answering chats on behalf of his firm but was willing test it during a free trial.   The results were great!  31% more leads came in the month that chat was live and Michael was able to prove to his client the results.

Before Juvo Leads Live Website Chat

After Juvo Leads Live Website Chat

With this data readily available for his client Michael was then able to demonstrate to his client how many leads he earned from AdWords, Organic Search, and Facebook.  His client was insistent that “Facebook is the way to go” from an advertising perspective, but the numbers proved otherwise. In fact, the client received only 2 leads from facebook over the previous 4 months.  With this data in hand Michael was able to prove that his client should reallocate his budget from Facebook over to Bing Ads and AdWords to get more leads.

Michael’s client was hesitant at first but thanks to the automated lead reports that the client received the client SAW how few Facebook leads came in and Michael convinced the client to reallocate more budget to Google Ads.