How to Track Calendly Signups in Juvo Leads

This document shows you how to add your calendly signups to your Juvo Leads Dashboard.  By doing this you can gain visibility into the visitor information (Visitor Source, UTMs, Campaigns, etc).  In addition – you can also receive email and SMS alerts.   This works for both Calendly iframes embeded into your website as well as links/buttons that link off to your calendly URL.  The only thing that is required is that the iframe or link must live on your actual website.  If you have calendly links in your email signature we’ll still be able to send those calendly signups into your Juvo Leads Dashboard but we won’t be able to provide visitor level information.

You’ll need 4 things to complete this setup:

  1. A website with either a Calendly embed widget or link to your Calendly page
  2. Juvo Leads Account – please ask your account manager to enable the “Calendly Tracking”
  3. Calendly Account
  4. Zapier Account – 2 apps (Calendly + Juvo Leads)

Here’s a screenshot of what Calendly leads will look like in your dashboard:



To set this up, all you need to do is go into Zapier and setup a new zap. You’ll want to set the Trigger = “Invitee Created in Calendly“.  And you’ll want to set the Action = “Insert Lead in Juvo Leads”.  See Screenshot below:


When setting up your action step – you’ll want to include the Name, Phone, and Email, and Summary values from the data available in your Calendly trigger.


And lastly – the most important part is to set the UUID field = “Tracking Salesforce Uuid”.  This allows us to enrich your calendly leads with all the tracking information such as IP, City, State, First Visit URL, Source, UTMs etc.


That’s it!  Now any calendly signup form your website will be automatically added to your Juvo Leads Dashboard.  If you need help or assistance getting this setup please ask your Juvo Leads Account Manager.