How to Send Lead Data from Juvo Leads into Zapier using Webhooks

This document explains how to automatically pass leads from Juvo Leads into Zapier.  Essentially, this works by copying / pasting the webhook URL that Zapier gives you and then adding that into your Juvo Leads site settings.  Once this is done all your leads will be passed from Juvo Leads into Zapier.  

Important Note: Although this guide is written for passing leads to Zapier, you can reference this guide to pass leads to any webhook URL.  It doesn’t have to be Zapier.  

Step 1. Go to Zapier and create an account if you have not already done so.  Then click “Make a Zap”

Step 2. Search for “Webhooks” and select  “Webhooks by Zapier

Step 3. Select “Catch Hook” and click “Continue”.

Step 4. Copy the webhook URL.

Step 5.  Next, in a separate browser, head over to Juvo Leads and login to your dashboard.

Step 6. Go to Site Settings > Advanced Integrations.  Paste the webhook URL (provided by Zapier) into the Webhook URL field and then save settings.

Step 7.  In order to test things on the Zapier side, we need to send in a test lead.  You have two options to send a test lead.

Option 1 (Faster) – If you already have leads in your dashboard you can simply right click on any lead and select “Send Webhook“.

Option 2 – Go to your website and submit either a form lead or chat lead.  If you are doing a chat lead please ask the chat agent to save the lead after the chat is complete.  You can provide them with test values for first/last name, email, and phone values.  Once either a chat lead or form lead has been saved into your dashboard, it will be sent to the webhook within 60 seconds.


Step 8.  Go back to Zapier and click “Continue” , then click “Test & Review”.  You should be able to now see your test lead along with the associated information that was collected by Juvo Leads. Assuming all looks good, go ahead and click “Done Editing”.  Below is an example of what you should see.  

Below is a list of all the fields that are provided to you via the web hook along with example values.

Field Name Field Description Example Value
leadID Unique Lead ID (Numeric) 5432780
uuid Universally Unique Identifier 0080ecdd-48ce-495d-932b-6429e0422904
clientID Juvo Account ID 845
leadName Lead Full Name Fred Smith
leadFirstName Lead First Name Fred
leadLastName Lead Last Name Smith
leadEmail Lead Email
leadPhone Lead Phone 222-222-2222
leadSummary Summary of the chat or form lead Fred would like to inquire about roofing services and cost.
transcript Full Chat Transcript User: Can I get a quote?

Agent: Happy to help, can I have your name please?

User: Fred Smith

Agent: Thank’s Fred, what type of home project are you looking to have done?

User: We have an old roof and I’m looking to have it replaced.

Agent:  Great, I’d like to set you up with someone on our sales team to get you a free estimate.  Can I have a good phone number to reach you at please?

User: 222-222-2222

Agent: Thank you, and how about an email address?


Agent: Thank you.  I’ll pass this along to our sales team and we’ll follow-up shortly to give you an estimate.

User: Perfect thank you.

leadType Type of lead represented by a number (1,2,3, 4) Reference guide provided.


1 = Chat

2 = Phone (First time calls only)

3 = Form

4 = SMS

leadTypeFriendly Same as leadType but using friendly names instead of a number. Chat




leadCategory Advanced categorization option for chat leads, ask your account manager to learn more. Roofing Lead
Window Lead
Patio Lead
timeStamp Time Stamp of when the lead converted 2021-01-19 [12:55:44]
ipAddress IP Address for the Lead
geoCity City (based on visitor IP) Boston
geoState State (based on visitor IP) Massachusetts
pageURL URL where the lead started the chat, or submitted a form
device User Device Mobile
browser Browser Chrome
fvDate First Visit – Date and Time Tue Sep 19 2019 [14:04:50] GMT-0
fvChannel First Visit – Channel Direct


Paid Search



Paid Social


fvSource First Visit – Source Google



Google My Business


None (Used for Direct Traffic) (Used for Referral Traffic)

fvReferrer First Visit – Referrer
fvURL First Visit – Landing Page URL
utm_source UTM parameter google
utm_medium UTM parameter ppc
utm_adgroup UTM parameter
utm_campaign UTM parameter roofing-campaign
utm_term UTM parameter roofing quote boston
utm_content UTM parameter
gclid Google Click Identifier (passed in via google ads auto tagging) CKSDxc_qhLkCFQyk4AodO24Arg
callDuration The length of an inbound call (in seconds) 254
callRecording URL of the call recording (mp3 format)
leadURL URL to view the lead details including chat script

Step 9.  Set up whatever action you’d like and use the field values provided from the webhook to pass data to whatever app you’d like.  Example below of a message you could send into Slack.

Step 10.  After you are done setting up your action, save your zap and  you are good to go!