Google Analytics 4 Juvo Leads Integration

Here’s how to pass Juvo Leads Events to GA4.

Important: Please remove the Google Universal Tag (UA) from your website before continuing.  Our code can pass events to only one Google Analytics tag.  Our code FIRST looks for the UA tag and if that is there the code will pass events to the Universal analytics.  If the UA tag has been removed then we will start passing events to the GA 4 tag.

We have 3 events that we pass to GA4.

  • Chat_Lead
  • Phone_Lead
  • Form_Lead

Here’s how each event is triggered:

  • Once a chat has been saved as a lead our system will send the Chat_Lead event to your GA4.
  • Once a phone call has completed our system will send the Phone_Lead event to GA4.
  • Once a form has been submitted on your website our system will send the Form_Lead vent to GA4.

Please note GA4 has a delay for reporting, it can take up to 24 hours before you see the event(s) show up in your GA4 reports.  That being said, you can go to Reports > Realtime to see the most recent events that have occurred in the last 30 minutes.  This is a great way to see if events are coming in to GA4 without having to wait the full 24 hours.

Assuming you are seeing events come into the Realtime reports section of GA4, please wait 24 hours before continuing the setup process.

After 24 hours, you can go to Admin > Events and you should see a list of all events that have been sent into GA4.  Important: Make sure the date range selected (top right) is for the correct date range for the events.  If you have the wrong date range selected you may not see the events appearing.   Please turn on any events you’d like to mark as a “Conversion”.

Under Admin > Conversions you should see a list of all conversions with the same names: Chat_Lead, Phone_Lead, Form_Lead.


Common Problems

I’ve removed the old universal analytics tag but events aren’t showing up.  Why not?

Answer 1 (50%):  Wait 48-72 hours and events will be there.

Answer 2 (50%):  There is another UA tag on the website that you didn’t know about OR you didn’t actually remove the tag.  Use this tool to confirm that there is not tag there and/or a hidden tag being loaded by GTM.


Optional – Advanced Javascript Hooks

You can also use two (2) javascript hooks to track the start of a chat conversation on the website and/or track an engaged chatter on the website.  The first javascript hook will be triggered once the user sends in their first message “Chat Started”.  The second javascript hook will be triggered after the user sends in their second message “Chat User Engaged”.  You can add whatever code you would like within each of the functions.   The code provided (console.log and dataLayer.push) are just for example purposes, you can remove the example code and put whatever you’d like inside each of the functions.

function juvo_chat_started(){
//add your code here
console.log(“chat started”);
dataLayer.push({‘event’: ‘chat-started’});


function juvo_chat_engaged(){
//add your code here
console.log(“chatter is now engaged”);
dataLayer.push({‘event’: ‘chat-user-engaged’});