Integrated Google Data Studio Templates for Juvo Leads

Complete reporting solutions with using Google Data Studio.  All Juvo Leads Accounts come with builtin Google Data Studio reports.  Juvo Lead reports integrates with 3rd party data so you can see more than just Juvo Lead data but all your Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing Ads and any 3rd party data in your Juvo Leasds dashboard.  Over 100 custom built templates to choose from.  Below are some examples.

Google Ads & Analytics: Overview

Google Ads: Campaign Conversions

Analytics: Conversions Over Time

Analytics: Sessions Region & Device

Analytics: Top Pages

Google Ads: Clicks & Conversions

Analytics: Sessions Report

Google Ads: Time Period Compare

Analytics: Sessions & Leads

Google Ads: Click Data

Search Console: Search Queries

Google Ads – Campaigns Overview