Ngage Vs. Apex Vs. Juvo Leads

Last Updated 8/14/20.

Features Ngage Chat Apex Chat Juvo Leads Chat
24/7 Chat Agent Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Scripts By Vertical Yes Yes Yes
Custom Scripting Per Site Yes Yes – Moderate** Yes – Extensive
Script Changes Upon Request Upon Request Monthly Reviews with Suggestions & Feedback
Lead Qualification Yes – Limited Some** Yes – Fully Customizable Qualification Rules
Refunds Email Request Email Request/1-button available upon request** 1-button Click
SMS Text to Chat Yes Yes Yes
Languages Supported English-Spanish English-Spanish English-Spanish
Instant Chat to Phone Connect Yes – Instant Call Back Yes – Call Connect Yes – Fastdial
Lead Scheduling No No Yes – Optional
Custom Greetings Yes – per account Yes – per account Yes – per PAGE
Custom Branding Yes Yes Yes
Chat Lead Notification Email/SMS Email/SMS Email/SMS
Website Installs 8,000+ 8,000+ 1,200+
Google Analytics & Ads Integration Yes Yes Yes
CRM Integrations Yes – Some Custom Yes – Custom** Yes – Custom & Zapier
Mobile Chat Appearance Top & Bottom – Blocks Phone Number Top & Bottom – Blocks Phone Number** Phone Number Displayed at Top (optional) & Chat below.
Mobile Phone & Form Lead Cannibalization High High Low
Click to Call Mobile Bar No No Yes – Free
Chat Window New Browser Window New Browser Window Existing Page
Pro Active Chat Starts no Yes – Some Yes
Desktop View Window Takeover Window Takeover No Window Takeover
Source Tracking Non-Existent Non-Existent Extensive: Keyword/ Source/  Page/ Campaign/ Medium
Dashboard Tracks Chats Chats Chat/Calls/Forms Submissions/SMS
Call Tracking No No Yes
Call Tracking Pricing Not Offered Not Offered Free with Chat*
Call Recording No No Yes
Dynamic Call Tracking No No Yes
Form Tracking No No Yes – Existing Forms
Forms-Call-You (Fastdial forms) None None Included
Pricing Model Per Lead Per Lead Per Lead or Per Chat
Contract Duration M2M M2M M2M
Price $$$ $$ $$
Set Up Fee Standard $100-$300 Standard $220 $0 – Always Free
Trial Period $100-$200 Credit $100-$200 Credit 30 Days Free No Obligation Trial

*Call Tracking is free when Chat Usages Threshold is reached ($225/mo)

** If you work with or for any of the companies listed above please provide adequate proof (screenshots) that anything listed here is incorrect and we’ll gladly update (:

4 Ways Juvo Leads beats Ngage & Apex

1. Less Lead Cannibalization from Phone and Form Leads

Juvo Leads is a Lead Conversion company not a live website chat company.  Here’s why that matters.  Ngage and Apex chat take away leads that would have come in via phone and form and sell them back to you while Juvo Leads optimizes each account to earn your firm or business as many TOTAL leads as possible.

Here’s what Ngage looks like on a mobile device.

Ngage Chat

Notice 3 things about the above Ngage chat window:

  1.  Ngage puts their chat application at the TOP of the screen and BLOCKS the firms phone number. This means if someone tries to call the firm they are prevented and instead are forced to engage with the firm via Chat.  Not everyone wants to chat – many leads prefer calling.  This mobile chat pop up hurts your TOTAL LEAD numbers and ONLY benefits Ngage not the business or firm.
  2. Even when you “X” out at the top the bottom footer still blocks the bottom.
  3. Now looking below – if you DO want to chat and click “Start Now” you’re taken to another screen and you’re not talking with what looks like the head attorney but instead your speaking with “Nancy” in a new window and you can’t get back to the previous screen at all (notice the new url).

Apex is no different for Mobile.  Here is what Apex looks like on a website.


Apex Chat

Similarly – Apex chat starts in window on a new URL and provide a different for the chat agent when the chat begins.  This change is jarring for visitors and results in less chat leads.


Now let’s look at Juvo Leads mobile experience.

Juvo Leads with Sticky Call Bar

4 Key Mobile Differences:

  1.  If the website’s phone does not get “Stickied” at the top Juvo Leads will add the websites number at the top via the Juvo Lead Sticky Bar Number so visitors can easily call the business or firm and are not forced to chat.
  2.  If the visitor does not want to chat they can click “No Thanks” and chat will disappear.
  3.  With Juvo Leads the agent that you see initiate the chat is the same as the agent that you’re chatting with when the visitor replies.
  4.  Lastly chat occurs in the same browser tab the visitor is currently in so it’s easy to toggle back and forth between chat and viewing the webpage.

Juvo Leads Mobile Chat Start


2.  Complete Lead Tracking

Juvo Leads is the only chat service provide to include complete lead tracking.  Juvo Leads combines 4 essential tools that all marketing agencies need and regularly use for their clients: Chat, Call Tracking, Form Tracking, and SMS.  Instead of buying multiple 3rd party solutions Juvo Leads combines all your websites lead capture tools into one platform and offers this platform at below market price.

All Chat, Form, Phone and SMS can be viewed in our lead tracking dashboard so website owners, internal teams or marketing agencies can see how many leads have come in and know what keywords, campaigns, Ad-Groups  and pages are driving the best leads.

3Better Visitor Experience

We built Juvo Leads Chat with proprietary code from the ground up as opposed to the 3 biggest hosted chat companies that use the same antiquated pop-ups, poor performing chat applets and hard to use backend dashboards.  Our technology is better on all three accounts.

Our on-screen interface

We don’t use pop ups that take over a visitors screen. We use a browser embedded interstitial that are google friendly and complies with the new rules regarding pop ups on mobile devices.

The Juvo Lead chat applet above is modeled after the most popular social media chat applet in North America (Facebook).  Juvo Leads has chat initiation with custom intro messages that are customizable per page.  These intro message appear in a way that makes the user think our agents are typing with them in real time.  The reality is our chat agents are not notified of any chat until the website visitor responds click the message box to respond.

Compare this to most other popular chat services which do not initiate the chat so much as respond to visitors.

Juvo Leads chat interface is the one that your visitors are more comfortable using resulting in the highest rate of chat starts in the industry.   Also our chats agent reply faster once because our chat agents are notified as soon as a person start typing.

4.  Most Chat Customization and Best Chat Agents

Juvo Leads provide Custom Intro Message on a per page basis.  Do you have a page about “Motorcycle Accidents” and a Google Ads campaign driving traffic to that page?  If you do and you set your intro message to “Have you or loved one been involved in a motorcycle accident?”  then you will have a higher interaction rate which will result in more leads.  Apex and Ngage do not have this option.

Lead Qualification

Each law firm or business has qualification rules that make a lead a “Good Lead”.  We create custom qualification rules for every client so we only save and pass along good qualified leads as determined by the business or firm.

Lead Scheduling

Further we can qualify leads by geographic location and even SCHEDULE qualified leads on your calendar or member of your teams calendar.  How many leads have Apex or Ngage scheduled for you?