1. Track Everything

You need to know what Campaigns, Adgroups and Ads are getting you clicks, and more importantly what is getting you clients.

Here’s the best tool to track how much a law firm is paying for new clients.

Click HERE To Download.  Then go HERE to learn how to use it.

To measure what ADS are generating Leads and New Clients you’ll want to use UTM parameters.  This is a little bit of code that goes on the end of each Ad.  Don’t worry you don’t actually need to code anything at all.  Use the tool HERE to generate these automatically.

  1.  Be Sure Google Conversion Tracking is working

Conversion tracking means every time a website visitor does something you want them to do (call, chat, or submit a message) – it’s recorded and assigned to the correct channel and Ad.

Each thank you page must have a conversion tracking pixel.  Also, make sure your call tracking and website chat software are tracking conversions

  1.   Use Call Tracking

Track your calls.  You only get ¼ – ½ of the picture if you’re not using call tracking. Once you track your calls you’ll be able to see where ALL your leads are coming from.  Without call tracking you won’t have the full picture of the data.

  1. Set up Ad Groups based on practice areas or sub practice areas –

Group keywords by practice areas, and have those groups of keywords all go to a landing page that is specifically made for those types of keywords.  A law firm should have multiple Ad Groups.  Each Ad Group should contain between 5-35 search terms and all of those search terms should be related.  Meaning – if you’re a Personal Injury Law firm you want all your “Truck Accident Lawyer” search terms in the same group.  You want you “Car Accident Lawyer” search terms in the same group as well.  Each one of those groups need a specific set of ads that are related to the search terms.

  1. Have different landing pages for different Ad Groups

 If your AdWords Campaigns are going to your homepage you’re doing it wrong.  For example, your “Premises Liability” ads need to link to your AdWords “Premises Liability page”.  This is not your internal Premises Liability page.  It’s a different page entirely.  Your AdWords landing pages need to be different than your SEO pages.  For instance if a person searches for “Truck Accident Lawyer Miami” and they land on your homepage the chance of them converting is going to be less than if they land on a page dedicated to truck accident lawyers.  The content on the AdWords landing page can be the same as the content on your SEO page but you need to use a “rel=canonial” tag to let search engines know the content is the same as the SEO version of that page.

  1. Set up Re-Marketing Ads

This only applies to some law firms (sorry divorce lawyers – no remarketing for you).  Remarketing ads flat out work.  These are the image based ads that stalk your website visitors around the Internet.  If you have ever gone to Amazon and looked up “Fur Hats” – and have then seen ads for fur hats on every other website you visit then you’ve seen remarketing ads before.  Well maybe you haven’t searched for Fur Hats but you have had these types of ads follow, or rather “stalk” you around the internet.  Well these stalker ads are very effective from a Cost Per Client Acquisition perspective, so if Google lets you do it, you should take advantage.

Still not sold?  Think about it this way.  If someone has visited your “Hit from behind at a stop sign” page – don’t you think they’re more likely to click your ads which say “Have you been in a car Accident?  Click here to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer” than a random person?  If you’re saying “Yeah – they’re probably more likely” then you’re correct.  Setting up these ads are a little different than search ads but they flat out work.  If you can do them you should.

  1.  Learn What Day of the Week Converts the Best

Friday might be the day you’re in love…

But Wednesday could be your best conversion day.  Each law firm is different but if after 8 weeks you see that Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays are particularly effective at converting clients it might be time to allocate more money to that day and see if the conversions continue to rise.

Login to AdWords -> Click “Dimensions” -> Left hand side select “Day of the Week” (it’s a subgroup of “Time”).


In this example we see that conversions are the cheapest on Tuesdays and they convert 43.75% as opposed to Sunday when a click converts 24% of the time.  Both numbers are good but allocating a larger percent of this budget to Tuesdays should lead to more conversions.

  1. Test Different Sections of Your City or Surrounding Suburbs

All of your competitors are bidding in your main city but how about that rich little suburb 10 minutes south of the city?  Do the lawyers in that town actively market as effectively as they can?

*** Insider Tip*** Most law firms don’t use AdWords well.  It’s very easy to find towns where the top players are doing a lot of things wrong and take over their market by bidding smarter and better and taking the top clients in that location.

Test out different towns and find out where your firm can get new clients.

  1. Use Negative Keywords

Do you want to pay for the click “Cheap Contract Lawyer”?

Negative keywords are terms that people type into Google that you DON’T want your search ad to show up for.  These are important BECAUSE they exclude bad searches or searches that you don’t want your firm to appear for.  These could be searches that make your firm look bad – like the example above.  They could also be searches that are outside of your geographic area, or are looking for “Pro Bono” representation.

9 Cheap Contract Lawyerv2

If you don’t use Negative keywords your firm is throwing money down the drain by spending money for clicks that won’t lead to good clients.

Download our list of Negative Keywords For Lawfirms HERE.  It’s a simple Excel list.  If you’re using AdWords use it now.


  1.  Use Extensions

They take up more room on a page and push everything else down.

10 Extensions

The extensions in the mobile ad above do 2 things:

  1.  The extension makes the ad take up more real estate on the page thereby pushing the other ads further down the page.
  2.  The extension provides more information about the firm which increases the chances that a user clicks the ad.


  1. Use Website Chat to Help Visitors

Imagine if someone walked into your office and there was no one at the front desk but you had a form that asked them leave their name, phone and message.  Wouldn’t most of the people just walk out?  Now imagine if you had a front desk attendant who smiled and politely asked “How can I help you today?”

If you guessed that the law firm with the front desk attendant will get more clients – you guessed correct.

Website visitors work the same way.  Website chat increases the chances that a website visitor will convert into a lead.  Also not all chat is the same.  Juvo Leads Chat Attendants are trained to work with your website and provide custom answers based on FAQ’s that visitors to your site ask.

Each Juvo Leads chat agent is trained to know what answers they can give and what answers they don’t know the correct answer too.  Our Chat Attendants are flat out the best in business.

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