Scorpion Chat vs. Juvo Leads Chat

6 months of using Scorpion Chat (May 2018 – to Oct 31 2018) compared to one month Juvo Leads leads chat (Dec 15 2019 – January 15 2019).

The Question:  Will Juvo Leads Live Website Chat Get More Chat Leads then Scorpion Chat?

Answer: Yes.  Juvo Leads Live Website Chat captured 236% more chat leads than Scorpion’s best month.

The Experiment

Law firm website is/was a Scorpion client and had been averaging 181 leads per month over a 6 month period May-Oct 2018 with 83( 7.5%) of those leads coming from chat.

The Historical Data From Scorpion

Of those 83 chat leads 42 of them were QUALIFIED leads as defined by the law firm.  Scorpion does not qualify chat leads while Juvo Leads qualifies every chat lead based on the qualifications rules as defined by the firm.

A qualified lead is a lead that meets the following requirements:

  1.  Meets the practice area requirements
  2.  Meets the geographic requirements
  3.  Considering using the services of the firm
  4.  Not just looking for free advice

The Scorpion dashboard does not display qualified chat leads in their dashboard (because they don’t qualify them).

For our purposes the results were so drastic that even comparing UNqualified Scorpion Chat Leads vs. QUALIFIED Juvo Leads Chat Leads that we can still see a clear winner.

The Trial

After Juvo Leads saw what percent of leads were coming from chat (7.5%) from law firms website using Scorpion Chat, Juvo Leads convinced law firm website owner to try Juvo Leads.  During free 30 Day trials Juvo Leads Captured 45 QUALIFIED Leads or 236% more than Scorpion Chat’s best month of collecting UNQUALIFIED Leads.

The Results

After the first 5 day Juvo Leads captured 15 qualified leads for law firm client and we knew this would be the perfect opportunity for a case study.  Here are the results of the 30 day trial.

Chat Compared

In the 30 day Juvo Leads Live Website Chat trial Juvo Leads captured 45 QUALIFIED Chat Leads.  Scorpion chat during their best month from the previous 6 months captured 19 unqualified leads..

1 Month of Juvo Leads Chat Leads on the left – 6 Months of Scorpion Chat Leads on the right.


If Scorpion is your legal marketing Agency test out Juvo Leads Live Website Chat for you law firm website for 30 days (free) if we don’t earn you 40% more qualified chat leads we’ll pay your Scorpion chat bill.  We know we’re better and we’ll prove it to you.

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