Case Study: Marketing Agency Earns $476 During On Average Per Month With Small White Label Client

Summary:  A Juvo Leads Agency Partner used Juvo Leads chat service and after just the first month the Agency Partner netted an extra $476 cash.  From just one client, after just one year the Agency Partner will earn $5712 in revenue.

The Partner: A Marketing Agency Partner (Partner) runs a law firm marketing agency and was on the lookout for more ways to serve their existing customers. They spoke to the Juvo Leads team, who showed the Partner how the average law firm sees a 35% increase in net leads once they add chat to their site.

As the agency was skeptical of such a large increase in net leads they decided to offer one of their clients a trial to see if chat would in fact increase total leads by 35%. 

The Partner has a white label relationship with Juvo Leads, whereby the partners sets the pricing and handles all components regarding chat.

The Law Firm: As the Law firm was not completely convinced chat was as effective at lead capture, having tried other solutions in the past, they agreed to try chat on the condition they could do an A/B split test to find out for once and for all – how many MORE leads will does chat earn a law firm?

Juvo Leads rolled out an A/B split test to measure the NET benefit of chat (How many more leads would chat bring the firm, factoring in the small, but expected canabilization of call and form leads).  

Juvo Leads split the traffic into 2 cohorts tracking every single call, form, and chat that came, while only serving chat to the “A Group”.

The End Client Results: After a 30-day trial the results were in –  the law firm saw a 52.63% increase in leads between “A Group” (with chat) when compared to “B Group” (no chat).

As you can see in the table below, A Group (with chat) earned 60 leads and B Group (no chat) earned only 38 leads. That’s a net gain of 52.63% more leads than Group B.  While 3 phone leads and 3 forms leads were cannibalized by chat, the 28 chat leads more than made up for it. And that is before factoring in that a Juvo Leads Chat Lead is QUALIFIED to the Law firm’s standards, whereas a call or form lead is simply an action taken by an unknown person who may, or may not, be qualified.

The Law firm was thrilled with the additional leads, and saw exactly how chat was a net benefit that paid for itself multiple times over. 

The Agency Results: Here’s where it gets interesting for the agency. 

First, White Label Partners  have the ability to choose the price Juvo Leads bills their clients (list price is $27 as per the Juvo Leads website so as long as it is less than that, their client is getting a great deal).  

Next, the Juvo Leads cut comes in either of two forms – we charge EITHER $7 per chat start OR $21 per lead. Every White Label Partner chooses their pricing model after month 1. In this case study the Partner chose the $7 per chat start model. 

For month 1 here is how the numbers worked out.


For Partners who drive traffic that converts into leads at an average of 33% or higher, paying per chat start is MUCH cheaper and yields significantly higher Partner revenue.  

Here the chat-start to qualified-chat-lead rate was a massive 70% (28/40).  Meaning of the 40 chat conversations that started – 28 converted into qualified chat leads for the law firm.

As you can see above Juvo Leads charged the partner $280, the partner charged the client $756, thereby earned a profit of $476 during the first month a 270% markup!.

If you are a marketing agency and want to earn your client more leads, while also generating new revenue streams, pick a date a time below to see get an estimate for how much Juvo Leads would pay you.