Apex Chat vs. Juvo Leads Chat

A/B split test over 3 Months for Tetzellaw.com

The Scenario:  Tetzel law wasn’t very happy about the chat leads that were coming in through their website.  Many of the leads were unqualified and required a lengthy email exchange with Apex to request a refund.  Tetzel Law also noticed a drop phone calls when Apex Chat was active.  Juvo Leads was brought in to all leads (including phone calls) and see if reduction in phone leads was due to Apex Chat and as well as to test an alternative approach to live website chat.

Juvo Leads set up an A/B Split test measuring all phone calls, form submissions and live website chats from both Apex and Juvo Leads.

The question:   Did Apex Chat reduce phone lead volume?  What chat service will capture more good/qualified leads?  

Answer: Juvo Leads earned 35% More Interactions, 39 % More Good Leads, and 35% More Signed clients for Tetzel Law during the 3 month A/B Case Study.  While Apex chat reduced phone leads by 75%.

A Group – 50% of Traffic
Phone Tracking = On
Form Tracking = On
Chat = Apex Chat

B Group – 50% of Traffic
Phone Tracking = On
Form Tracking = On
Chat = Juvo Leads Chat

The end result of our A/B Test is that Tetzel Law More Good Leads and More Signed Clients with Juvo Leads.

What’s A “Good Lead”?

Good Leads = A good lead is a “helpful” (Juvo in latin) lead.  “Good” is somewhat subjective but here at Juvo Leads we tell firms a good lead is defined as “An earnest inquiry into your firm from a qualified person/s or business considering hiring your firm.”  These leads are manually scored by the firm or the marketing agency managing the firm.

Definitions Used for this (and every) Case Study

Interactions = A.  Any 1st time inbound phone call  B.  Any form submission from a Non-Black listed IP Spammer C.  Any Chat Start

Good Leads = The total or Net amount of GOOD LEADS (as marked by the firm) coming from Form Submissions, Phone Calls, and Live Website Chats.

Bad Lead = A. First time calls less than 25 Seconds. B.  First time calls greater than 25 seconds that are manually marked as “Bd Leads”.  C. Spam Form Submissions Not Auto Filtered D.  Chats not qualified based on qualification rules as defined by Tetzel La.w E. All Manually Reviewed as Not A Lead or Bad Lead.

Signed Client = A new client signed by the firm.  Client signed were not necessarily signed during the time the A/B test took place but the initial lead came in during the trial.

Good Chat Leads Increased 36.36%… But That’s Not All

While we were happy to see “Good Leads” from chat increase by 36.36% an we’re also happy to see that good leads from phone calls increased 75%.   The number of increased Good Leads from phone calls does was expected by us for 1 main reason.  Juvo Leads optimizes for Total Leads and not just chat leads.

Tetzel Law like most law firm sites receives a growing percentage of traffic and leads from mobile devices which is why we optimize first for mobile and second for desktop.  Here is how tetzellaw.com looks from a mobile site with Apex chat (on the left) and Juvo Leads on right.

Tetzellaw.com with Apex chat active

Tetzellaw.com with Juvo Leads Active

Apex chat BLOCKS the phone firms phone number by placing the Apex Chat widget at the top of the page which prevents would be mobile callers from click on the number while on their mobile device.

Contrast that with the Juvo Leads (on the right).  Here at Juvo Leads we add a sticky phone number bar at the top of a website so a visitor can always call the firm if they do not not to start a chat.  This somewhat subtle difference makes for a big difference in TOTAL LEADS the firm earns.

Complete Lead Results

As you can see above Juvo Leads earned 41.38% more total Good Leads while active a larger percentage from Live Website Chat and an even larger percentage from Phone Calls.


Juvo Leads earned 41.38% more Good Leads than Apex Chat.  To try out Juvo Leads for your own website feel free to sign up above or if you have any question please feel free to chat with us!