Summary: Before Juvo Leads, Adams role ended once a lead came in but now he’s able to help clients track every lead from first contact all the way to “New Client Signed”.  This means leads are no longer falling through the cracks of his clients intake process and his clietn are earning 26% more cases each month.

More and more leads were coming in and Adam had the data to prove it.  He had combined data from a call rail for call tracking, Apex chat for live website chat, and form tracking from his websites form and was putting this together for his client with each monthly report… but his clients still weren’t happy.

“The leads were coming in but the client still wasn’t happy.”

Adam’s team was spending 10’s of hours each week managing AdWords, earning links, and writing content and he was happy with the increasing amount of leads that were coming in – but his client was anything but happy.

“I was getting emails every few weeks saying how ‘calls were down’ but it didn’t make sense because I could see they were up across the board”

Inbound calls were in fact up but his clients intake process had major gaps.  Calls were not be returned, staff wasn’t returning emails and no one was taking ownership of the intake process.  With Juvo Leads Lead Management Adam was able to help his client better manage each lead and track it from first contact all the way through “New Client Signed”.

Adam’s client were a somewhat resistant at first but providing them an easy to use tool he was able to help them earn more clients from the traffic Adam was earning them.   In addition to the time savings from not having to put in extra work for this client Adam also saved a 8 hours each month by consolidating reports from 4 separate systems into 1 system that had reporting included.