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Summary: Referrer sent over Law Firm client and earned $476 while keeping client happy by earning them more leads.

Referrer works closely with law firms and made introduction to client and Juvo Leads.  Law firm client did not think chat would get more leads for his website but agreed to A/B split test to find out.

Split test was rolled out and law firm earned 52% more leads in chat cohort (group A) than no chat cohort (group B).

Before introduction referrer told Juvo Leads to charge $27 per lead.  Juvo Leads keeps $7 per chat start.

Law firm had 40 chat starts and 28 chat leads.  Juvo Leads bills client on a chat leads basis 28 (chat leads) X $27 per lead or $756.  Juvo Leads kepts 40 (chat starts) X $7 per chat start or $280.  Juvo Leads then sends referrer $476.

Win win.