Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need live chat on my website?

To get more leads.  When you have a live human offering to help website visitors you’ll get more engagement from your existing website traffic, which will in turn result in more leads.

Why do I need call tracking?  I want people to remember my business phone number.

Call Tracking provides insight into what marketing efforts result in phone leads.  Once you learn what pages, keywords, campaigns, sources, AdWords campaigns, referal websites, facebook posts, retargetting ads, directories, and any other marketing efforts results in calls you can focus your efforts (and budget) on the marketing that drives leads.

Are these real people or bots?

Yes, Real people who are trained to convert website visitors into leads.

What do you consider a “Chat”?

Anytime a website visitor responds to the intro message  EXCEPT if the response is “No Thanks” or a phrase indicating they do not want to chat.  Juvo Leads counts total chats – not chat leads.

What do you consider a “Phone Lead”?

Phone leads are first time calls that trigger a call tracking number and last longer than 30 seconds.  We do not count every inbound call as a phone lead – only those calls that triggered a 1st time call from a call tracking number.

What do you mean by “Intro Message”?  

Great question.  Anytime a website visitor lands a page after 2-3 seconds an in-page chat appellate appears with a custom message.  This is designed in a way to make the visitor think the agent is actively typing a message to them specifically, but the truth is that the first “Intro message” is preset.  This tactic increases chat engagement significantly.

How do you answer complex subject matter questions?

We generally don’t.  The majority of chats for most websites are subject matter questions.  Our goal is to take that question and turn it into a lead.  It takes a lot of training to teach agents the skill of converting questions into leads.

Are your chat agents any good?

Yes.  The best hands down.  Two reasons: 1.  We review every chat for each website and continually modify responses.  Our monthly website reviews mean we get better over time. 2.  Weekly agent grading.  We score every chat and assign websites based on agent score.  In addition, we have weekly agent feedback where we review chats to show and teach areas for improvement.

How long are the contracts?
All contracts are month-to-month.  Cancel any time.

What Plan do I need?

It depends on how many chats and calls your website generates.  After your free trial, you’ll have a good idea for what plan your usage falls under.

How will I be billed?
After your free trial is over, you will be billed on the first of each month with a credit card stored on file for your previous month’s usage.

How do I install Juvo Leads?

We give you one little website tag that you add to your website.  We’re happy to install this for you.

Can I use Juvo Leads without chat/call tracking?
Yes – but we don’t recommend it.

Do you have Analytics and AdWords integration?
Yes. Full integration with both Analytics and AdWords.

Do you integrate with X,Y, and Z software?
Yes – we provide integration support on a case by case basis.

What happens if I don’t want to keep it after the trial?
We digitally shake hands and say “thank you – goodbye”.  You will not be billed.