Summary:  Dawn lost a client to a bigger agency.  She needed a way to make her client’s more “Sticky” and increase retention.  Dawn tested out Juvo Leads on a small client – and they client loved it!  Dawn uses Juvo Leads for all of her agencies clients and she has 100% retention rate in the 17 months since she started with Juvo Leads.

Dawn started using Juvo Leads after she had lost a client to a large agency who promised big results. One of the deciding factors for her client to leave was the new agencies reporting dashboard.  Dawns team put together monthly reports pulling data from multiple sources but it still couldn’t compete with the live dashboard the new agency was offering.  After first attempting to create a reporting dashboard for her own agency, she decided to stop development and give Juvo Leads a try.  Now she logs in every day and see’s her clients logging in every day to not only track every lead but also manage them from first time caller all the way through new client and patient signed.  Dawn’s “Stickiness” factor increased significantly and she hasn’t any of her agencies 43 clients since she started using Juvo Leads.