Juvo Leads Combines Website Chat, Call Tracking, & Form Tracking into One Easy to Manage Lead Dashboard

Track your every lead from one central dashboard. Know what websites, search queries, and paid clicks are driving leads.  If you don’t know where your leads are how can you get more of them?  Juvo Leads increases  leads by up to 210%.  Claim your FREE TRIAL Now!

The Lead Capture Platorm

Juvo Leads does the following: chats with website visitors, tracks calls, and tracks form submissions on websites.  We are the only fully integrated lead capture solution.

The Integrated Advantage

Leads come from web chats, phone calls, and form submissions and with Juvo Leads you can track chat all of these from one place.  It’s simple to set up, easy to use, and provides the information that firms and businesses need – how many leads they get and where they came from.




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Juvo Leads Chat In Action


How It Works

A visitor comes to your website and “Amy” starts a chat. The initial chat from “Amy” is automated and our chat attendants do not start in earnest until the website visitor responds.

Juvo Leads Chat Attendants

Your Juvo Chat attendant will then chat with the website visitor.  Their goal is to collect the persons name, phone number and email.  They can answer questions such as “What time is the law firm open until?” but will refrain from answering questions that we either don’t know the answer too or shouldn’t answer.


When a new lead comes in your Juvo Chat Attendant will send you an email and/or text to let you know you have received a new lead so you can follow up at your earliest convenience.

Manage All Your Leads

Review your past leads and read the transcripts for the full chat.  See where your leads came from and what pages they visited on your website.

Chat Review

We send you the chat summary via email and/or text but if you want to read the full transcript you can login to see the full chat.  In addition you can also see what pages were visited and the location of the new potential client.

Juvo Lead’s “Fast Dial” 

Chat Lead to Inbound Caller Technology

Once a chat lead has given the Juvo Leads Chat Agent their phone number the lead will have the option to connect with the firm or business immediately using Juvo Lead’s Fast Dial technology.  

Juvo Leads Call Tracking

Phone leads are the life blood of any firm or business, yet most don’t know what are driving these phone calls in the first place.  With Juvo Leads Call Tracking you can see what pages on your website are driving calls and if you’re using AdWords or Bing Ads you can see what Campaigns, Groups, Ads, and Search Terms that are driving calls.

Dynamic Website Call Tracking

Once Juvo Leads is installed any time a new website visitor arrives your phone number is automatically converted to a call tracking number.
With Juvo Leads you don’t need to worry about how many numbers are in your “pool” your website will have enough dedicated numbers to fully cover your dynamic call tracking needs.

Off Site Numbers

For firms or businesses that need offsite numbers these can be purchased at your convenience through our site.  Both toll free and local numbers are available at market rates.

Call Recording

With Juvo Leads you also have the option to record your calls and access those recording from the dashboard at anytime.

Juvo Leads Form Tracking

Juvo Leads form tracking easily integrates with your existing web form.  Whether you uses a native WordPress form creator like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms or uses a Custom built proprietary form solution – Juvo Leads can track it.  Juvo Leads Form Tracking sits top of your existing form software and pulls all submissions information into the Juvo Leads Dashboard.

Flat Pricing

Flat pricing gets you everything you need.

Are you a Marketing Agency that manages 5 or more websites?  If so get a free license for your agency website and get access to our discounted agency pricing.

Juvo Lead pricing is based on how many leads your website receives each month.

Single Website License Tiny


Per Month
  • First 7 Days FREE
  • 10 Chats
  • 20 Phone Calls
  • Additional Chats – $5/per
  • Additional Calls – $1.25/per
  • Offsite Phone Numbers – $3/$5/mo Local & Toll Free
  • Offsite Phone Minutes – $.03/$.05/Min Local & Toll Free
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If you go over plan in any given month you’ll be charged the lesser of – the price for the next plan up or the additional cost of the additional chats or calls on a per chat or call basis.